Single Zone HVAC Systems

Mitsubishi Electrics cooling and heating solutions work great as both a full heating and cooling system or as supplemental heating and cooling. The three main parts to the Ductless systems are the indoor unit, the outdoor unit and the controller. Installations are a breeze in most applications. We simply mount the unit indoors, connect the refrigerant lines between the indoor and outdoor unit via a small 3 inch hole, and then we make a few simple electrical connections. 

Maximum Efficiency

When it comes to industry-standard requirements for efficiency, Mitsubishi Electric is an overachiever. While all systems meet the requirements of 13 SEER some surpass this requirement by far. For example, the MSZ-FH delivers up to 30 SEER due to its magnet rotor which gives it the capability to operate on a lower current input. Several models are actually Tier 2 ENERGY STAR® certified.


Single Zone Residential Ductless Installations – Northeast Ductless

The on and off cycling common in traditional systems waste a lot of energy. The amount of heating or cooling needed in a room dictates the compressor speed in Mitsubishi Electrics INVERTER technology. if a room needs more heating or cooling, the compressor speeds up. If the room is at the desired level of comfort, the compressor reduces its speed to be more efficient. This is not possible with your old air conditioning systems.

Quiet Operation
The indoor and outdoor elements to ductless systems are designed to minimize disruption to the space they occupy.  The indoor units condition the air at whisper quiet levels of sound.

Multiple Filters for Cleaner, Healthier Air

Not just for heating and cooling, Mitsubishi Ductless systems also filter your air. Allergens, viruses and bacteria all are removed via the multi-part filter system. There are two filters in the standard filter systems:

  • Electro-Static Anti-Allergen Filter – reduces germs, bacteria and viruses and helps trap dust, pollens, mites and other particles.
  • The hybrid catechin pre-filter – absorbs odor-causing gases.

A sophisticated multi-part filter system on our indoor units removes contaminants such as allergens, viruses and bacteria from the air as it circulates. Standard Filter Systems use two filters:

  • The hybrid catechin pre-filter absorbs odor-causing gases.
  • An electro-static anti-allergen filter reduces germs, bacteria and viruses and helps trap dust, pollens, mites and other particles.

The enhanced filter system (MSZ-FH09/12/15 NA systems) perform a triple stage filtration. A deodorizing filter uses a ceramic surface absorption element and nanotechnology for odor absorption. All this filtration coupled with incredible heating and cooling is a bit of a leap from traditional HVAC systems. These are basically air conditioning as well as air purifying units!

The indoor units filters can be cleaned in just a few minutes. They are very easy to access and remove. With the right maintenance, filters can last up to ten years!

Remote Controls

The remote control units are not just on or off. You can control the rooms temperature, the fan speed as well as the mode the unit is in. The four modes are: Cool, Heat, Auto and Dry. the controller has a timer as well, this gives you many options on how to control your comfort.All Ductless systems come standard with the wireless remote control. We also offer a wired on the wall controller, for those who prefer this style of controller. Most models can even be controlled via  a smartphone or tablet!

Year-Round Comfort from a Heat Pump

The new Hyper-Heating INVERTER (H2i®) heat pump system boasts incredible heating and cooling power. These INVERTER driven H2i compressors achieve desired temperatures more rapidly than traditional units, and also vary their current draw when demand is low. this conserves energy, which saves you dollars.

Ductless systems are so efficient, you can qualify for tax credits if you purchase the  MSZ-FH09/12/12NA models. They are energy star rated and provide up to 30 SEER. These units heat at 100% capacity down to 5°F and can operate in temperatures as low as -13°F.

There are other innovative features provided by the H2i heat pump systems. These include:

  • Automatic cool / heat changeover
  • Automatic restart in the case of power outages
  • Split vanes for spreading air throughout the room more effectively
  • i-See Sensor 3D technology monitors hot spots in the room where humans are
  • Long line-length capabilities of up to 277 ft.
  • Wind baffles to allow for air-conditioning down to 0º F outdoor ambient temperature
  • Special circuits that quickly deliver refrigerant to the air conditioning cycle so that air at a comfortable temperature begins flowing right away

 Tax Credit and Comfort Rebates
With high efficiency ratings, many of our ENERGY STAR systems qualify for state and local rebates and tax incentives. Click here to learn more.