Shed and Workshop Ductless Installations

When it comes to heating auxiliary areas, going ductless is always a great choice. Making any space more comfortable, especially a workspace, is crucial to doing the best work you can. For those who have a large shed as a work area, or a detached workshop, ductless heating and cooling will make your space as comfortable as it can be.


Shed and Workshop Ductless Installations – Northeast Ductless

Space Heaters can sometimes take too long to effectively heat a detached space. Fossil fuel or gas fired heaters do put out significant heat but can be dangerous and even emit harmful exhaust. But a ductless mini-split system can quickly and safely heat or cool your detached workspace.

These detached auxiliary spaces are not always constructed as well as a home or building. Therefore using inadequate heating or cooling will not achieve the desired level of comfort. Mitsubishi Electric Ductless systems can be installed in these applications incredibly easily, and yield much better results. While space heaters kick on and off at 100% and fuel fired heaters are just “always on”,  a ductless inverter will reach your desired level of comfort and then stay on and vary its speed to keep the temperature where you specify.

You can make your work area much more comfortable space! Northeast Ductless can help!