Residential Renovations and Additions

Deciding to make residential renovations and additions to your home is a big step for any homeowner. While considering a renovation or addition, you have to decide how to properly heat or cool your new living space. This is a great time to consider utilizing Ductless Cooling and Heating. Ductless Heat Pumps are more flexible as far as installation, and they are incredibly efficient as compared to traditional HVAC systems.


Ductless Installations for Residential Renovations and Additions – Northeast Ductless

Mitsubishi Electrics Advanced Split Ductless Solutions use the innovative inverter technology. This technology works more efficiently to control the rooms temperature. Upgrading to a new Mitsubishi Electric Ductless system has never been easier. There are now many different configurations for new systems that range from single spot cooling and heating to multi-zone ducted solutions. Mitsubishi Electric has the right solution for any home renovation cooling and heating need.

Design Flexibility

Mitsubishi Electric Cooling and Heating systems can be installed with or without duct-work. This allows for incredible flexibility upon designing your cooling and heating solution. On the exterior of the home, all that is needed is a 3″ opening to allow for two small refrigerant lines and the control/power wiring. This makes installations a breeze for even the most difficult exterior surfaces including plaster, brick and others.

There is a very wide variety of outdoor and indoor units to choose from. You can also configure an optimal solution for your projects needs. The Outdoor units are more compact and lightweight than standard HVAC units. These benefits make them very easy to install as well as camouflage. Along with our Line-Hide lineset cover systems, your refrigerant, drain lines and wiring are all protected in an aesthetically pleasing PVC tube. As for the inside of the home, the indoor units can be mounted just about anywhere. Recessed in ceilings, High or low on the walls, or even placed on the floor.

Maximum Efficiency

Typical air conditioning systems turn on and off constantly once their temperatures don’t meet the thermostats required temperature. It’s this on and off cycling that creates a large electrical draw with each and every start. Some homes lighting will even dim when the air conditioning kicks on. This is due to the homes electrical system losing a significant portion of its energy to start the large traditional ac unit. Standard ac units are either 100% on or off. 97% of the time, only partial heating or cooling is necessary. With Mitsubishi Electrics innovative INVERTER technology, the compressor speed varies. it’s not just 100% on and off. This variation in compressor speed allows the unit to effectively heat and cool the room with the minimum power consumption necessary. This saves you money!

Quiet Operation

You wont be able to find a more quiet heating and cooling system than Mitsubishi Electrics ductless systems. The outdoor units are significantly quieter than traditional systems, and the indoor units are whisper quiet. They are perfect options for libraries and other quiet spaces.

Variety of Controls Options

Ductless systems have a variety of control options. Whether you’d like to have a wireless remote control or prefer a wall mounted thermostat, both are available.