Multi-Zone HVAC system

You can now cool and heat your entire home with Mitsubishi Electrics Ductless systems. A Multi-Zone HVAC system does both heating and cooling. And it does this with extreme high efficiency. Having multiple zones throughout your home adds another level of comfort and efficiency. The ductless cooling and heating systems utilize energy efficient INVERTER technology. it’s this technology that allows the unit to operate on significantly less power when the space doesn’t need 100% capacity.

Mitsubishi Electric Ductless systems are mostly modular, and can be configured various ways to accommodate the spaces cooling and heating needs.

  • The indoor units are able to be placed just about anywhere in the home. And there are ductless and ducted models
  • With a wide range of capacities, system design is is much more convenient and configurable
  • Both indoor and outdoor units are compact and quiet

From new construction to renovations or additions, Mitsubishi offers solutions for creating a more comfortable home.

Maximum Efficiency


Multi-Zone Ductless Installations – Northeast Ductless

Mitsubishi’s INVERTER technology rids your electrical system of the cyclical on/off pattern. Instead of turning on and off at 100% capacity, the INVERTER technology varies the compressors speed and keeps cooling and heating. Its the variation in speed that saves you electric. You can also decide to turn off zones altogether.  Why heat or cool your bedrooms if you’re not going to use them for another 8-10 hours. Heat and cool only the spaces that need it!

Quiet Operation

The indoor and outdoor parts of a mini-split ductless system can be installed in without concerns for noise. Ductless systems are quieter than forced air systems. And you wont hear the hot water rushing through baseboards anymore either. The fans on the indoor units deliver only 19db of sound, the equivalent of a human whisper. Outdoor units ranfge from 46-57db. This is about the equivalent of a traditional air conditioning unit from 100 feet away. You can place the outdoor unit close to windows and bedrooms without fear of excess noise.

HVAC Simplified

Mitsubishi has designed their systems to simplify every aspect of heating and cooling systems. From designing the system, to installing as well as maintaining. Some examples include:

• Easy to locate maintenance points for ease of installation and servicing
• Only four wires run from the outdoor unit to the indoor unit. These 4 wires are typically bound in one cord
• Installation is simple due to the small 3 inch hole required to install the unit. Ducted systems require many large holes and ductwork routed throughout the home or space.

Variety of Controls Options

Some clients prefer a wall mounted thermostat style control. these are available. Mitsubishi systems do come standard with a wireless digital remote control. And now you can even control your units via a smartphone or tablet. Take control of your comfort, whichever way you prefer.