Detached Garage Ductless Installations

Detached Garage Ductless Installations

If you are looking to supplement the heat in your garage, why not look into Mitsubishi Electrics Ductless systems. Whether attached or detached, your garage can be kept comfortable all summer and winter long. Install will be a breeze as you most likely have easy access to the electric system in your home located in your garage. And if your garage is detached, you most likely have a sub panel there as well.


Detached Garage Ductless Installations – Northeast Ductless

Ductless heating and cooling systems will enable you to utilize your garage all year round. And being that it will be its own zone, you can always turn the zone on and off and heat only when you need it. Garages are typically known for their porous concrete surfaces which tend to collect moisture. You can utilize Mitsubishi Electrics DRY mode to keep your garage free from moisture issues. In the DRY mode, the fan speed slows just enough so the air spends more time on the indoor coil. ThisĀ  additional time on the coil causes more moisture to be removed from the air. And this occurs without affecting the room temperature.

Utilize every inch of your home, comfortably, with Mitsubishi Electric Ductless Cooling and Heating.