New York Mitsubishi Heating and Cooling

New York Mitsubishi Heating and Cooling Contractor

Northeast Ductless hopes to become your preferred New York Mitsubishi Heating and Cooling Contractor. We are an owner operated Mitsubishi HVAC company with over 30 years experience in the business. Northeast Ductless serves both Long Island and upstate New York in the Hudson Valley region.

When considering Mitsubishi Heating and Cooling it is important to choose the right company. Many companies can install a Mitsubishi Ductless System, however not all ductless installers are trained by Mitsubishi Electric! Northeast Ductless is a Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractor and has been since 1989! This means we have been trained to properly install Mitsubishi Electrics Ductless systems for over two decades.

Northeast Ductless has extensive installation experience. Some companies perform ductless installations and end up returning several times to deal with problems. Most problems with ductless heating and cooling systems stem from faulty installations. Northeast Ductless has been called upon numerous times by customers of other companies who are having issues with their ductless systems. 95% of the repairs we perform for these clients are re-installations with the same units. The systems are all in perfect working order, however the install was faulty. These installs are typically performed by companies who do many different forms of heating and cooling, and aren’t properly trained in ductless installations. Don’t let yourself become one of these unsatisfied customers. Choose a company that specializes in New York Mitsubishi Heating and Cooling installations.

Contact Northeast Ductless to save money and have a Mitsubishi ductless system installed by a company who specializes in New York Mitsubishi Heating and Cooling!