Mitsubishi Ductless AC – America’s Leading Selling Brand with Hyper Heating & Inverter Technology

Mitsubishi Ductless AC- America’s Leading Selling Brand with Hyper Heating & Inverter Technology

While many still use traditional HVAC systems, Mitsubishi Ductless AC technology is rapidly taking over. America seems to be the last country to learn that ductless technology is far superior to traditional ducted systems. Mitsubishi’s Mr. Slim ductless systems are now used to completely replace dated HVAC and Hydronic Heating and Cooling systems.
Mitsubishi’s highly-efficient hyper heating systems are extremely efficient and can dramatically improve the comfort of any commercial or residential space. Eliminate expensive, inefficient and dirty duct-work in any space and convert to a cleaner more efficient system, Mitsubishi’s H2i Ductless Products.

Benefits of Mitsubishi’s H2i Products:
• They have a superior heating system and are up to 40 percent more efficient than the conventional window air conditioners. They give 100% heating capacity ranging from 0- 5°F and around 85% when temperature downs to -13° F outdoor ambient.
•A single multi- zone outdoor unit is capable of connecting to up to eight indoor units, making the system an ideal solution for whole-home cooling and heating.
•The Mitsubishi’s systems use limited energy and do zero energy waste during heating unoccupied rooms.
•Their FH wall mounted ductless units offer i-see Sensor™ 3. They are actually infrared human sensing technology that senses and measures location of humans and adjust the energy accordingly like when the room is unoccupied, no energy is wasted. For the same reason, homeowners have marked improvement in their electric bills.
•Their double-vane air delivery provides enhanced circulation. They allow each vane to be set individually indirectly or directly. Also, it aids natural flow setting.
•They are built-in base pan heater and offers new multi-function wireless controller with optional MHK1 wireless wall mounted controller that works for smart phone control.

With the many benefits of Mitsubishi Ductless AC heating and inverter technology, they’ve become the perfect solution for light commercial zones and are great for any business, home, school in any place in the world. This ultra modern technology of Mitsubishi comes with P- and M- series controllers. And can be connected to any REDLINK comfort system to the web to render remote access from PC or smartphones. They allow you to remotely monitor your Mitsubishi Ductless AC cooling and heating system from anywhere and anytime. All systems of H2i are RedLink enabled for MHK1 wireless remote controller kit. With them, you can view and change system settings and access multiple systems or zones.

Homeowners living in extreme temperatures are now able to utilize ductless cooling and heating systems regardless of the ambient temperature for their region. Experience the most consistent room temperature without the constant on/off that you’re used to with traditional HVAC systems. Inverter technology allows the heating or cooler to increase or decrease with demand, saving money! Contact Northeast Ductless, an HVAC contracting firm in Long Island, New York. We offer the advanced technology Mitsubishi ductless air conditioners and other heating and cooling systems that deliver simple solutions with affordable prices. Visit to learn more about them!

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