Latest Ductless Technology

When it comes to technology, Mitsubishi Electrics engineers are never content. Mitsubishi continues to raise the bar for ductless technology. Often imitated and never duplicated, here are some of the latest technological features that make Mitsubishi Ductless Systems the most efficient and most effective heating and cooling solution for your space!

Hot-start. Instead of immediately kicking on and blowing cold air, Mitsubishi Indoor Units only start to direct heated air when it is at the set temperature. No more cold starts!

i-see Sensor™. This new sensor feature exclusive to Mitsubishi will actually continuously scan the room and constantly adjust both the temperature and air flow to eliminate cold or hot spots in the space! Now that’s smart!

H2i® technology. Hyper-Heating INVERTER® (H2i) technology provides comfortable indoor temperatures in extreme cold-climate conditions (as low as -13° F) while saving on energy and money.

Zone control. While we run around the house or office turning off lights and devices to save money, we waste more money to heat or cool these unoccupied spaces! Not anymore. Zoned comfort allows you to turn off areas that don’t need heating or cooling. if you’re not in the space, why heat it? Zoned comfort is total comfort!

Quiet operation. With indoor units about as loud as a whisper, and outdoor units quieter than most refrigerators, Mitsubishi systems offer ultimate comfort, with very little noise.

Enhanced filtration systems. Mitsubishi Systems have air filtration included. You can remove pollen, dust, dander and other allergens with a filter that lasts up to 10 years! And each zone has its own filter. Comfortable and clean air!

Northeast Ductless is a  Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor™ and we can provide a personal system configuration based on your exact specifications. Simplify your life and minimize your heating and cooling costs. We deliver comfort where you want it, when you want it!