Hyper-Heating Technology

Standard heat pumps typically have performance issues in much colder climates. These relate to pressure decreases, the rate at which their refrigerant flows and these have an effect on operational capacity. With Mitsubishi Electrics INVERTER® technology we now can experience much higher heating speeds at much lower temperatures. These new systems are designed to perform in these conditions, and perform optimally!

Below are some key points as to the differences in standard technology, and Mitsubishi Electrics Hyper-Heating INVERTER® technology:

Consistent Room Temperature

Older ductless technologies can have temperature fluctuations. This leads to discomfort if the temperature in the room is constantly changing. Inverter driven pumps auto adjust their speed to satisfy the demands present. This provides a consistent room temperature, even below zero degrees!

Consume Only The Energy You Need

No more overheating of your space. While some rooms get more sun and others less, your standard units may not compensate for this. But the INVERTER® zoning systems deliver only what you ask for, no overheating of a space because the thermostat is in the cold side of the house, or a colder room.

Heats Up Quickly

Traditional systems can take a while to achieve their set points.  The Mitsubishi Electric INVERTER® systems offer very high rotation speeds which means you get more heat, faster. And with the hot-start technology, you get only heat immediately. Not a few minutes of cold air till your system heats up.

Energy Use is Even and Steady

With each on and off cycle of traditional HVAC systems, your electrical system requires large surges of power. This is  why sometimes lights can even dim in a home when the central air is turned on. INVERTER® systems gently ramp up to speed to eliminate these high draw surges that can be costly and unnecessary.