Whisper Quiet Air Conditioning

For an HVAC system that has smart controls, allergen filtration, personalized comfort and is highly efficient, consider Mitsubishi Electrics Ductless Cooling and Heating systems. They offer all the previously mentioned benefits while being whisper quiet!

How quiet are Mitsubishi Ductless systems?

The volume of a human whisper is about 19db. Some of Mitsubishi’s indoor units can operate at this same volume, almost inaudible. The outdoor units are incredibly quiet as well. They can operate with sound levels as low as 58db which is comparable to an office environment, restaurant conversation or background music. Typical HVAC units are much noisier than that.

Another factor that keeps Ductless Cooling and Heating so quiet is the lack of large noisy fans. By delivering cooled and heated air directly to the rooms, there’s no need to blow the air through long lines of duct-work using powerful fans. You wont hear that rush of air when a ductless system is running.

Ductless systems have three main components. The indoor unit, the outdoor unit and the controller. These systems are installed very easily and fast, and in the end you experience a greater level of comfort without any noise disturbance.

Mitsubishi’s Electric M-Series utilize INVERTER® technology. These compressors quietly speed up or slow down automatically to adjust to cooling or heating demand.

Whisper Quiet down to 13° F

in the northeast, we get plenty of cold weather. And we all know the sound of a noisy furnace kicking on or even a dated heat pump. The new H2i® Hyper-Heating INVERTER® technology can efficiently heat


Efficient heating down to -13° F with Mitsubishi’s h2i systems!

a home even when temperatures outside reach as low as -13° F. your home will be comfortable and quiet, even on the coldest days.

Your heating and cooling systems should keep you comfortable, in every way. this includes being quiet while performing their services. Let Northeast Ductless install a quiet Mitsubishi Electric Ductless system so you can experience a whole new level of comfort!