Cost-Effective Mitsubishi Ductless AC’s Apt to Meet Any Home’s Heating and Cooling Needs

Cost-Effective Mitsubishi Ductless AC’s Apt to Meet Any Home’s Heating and Cooling Needs

Cost-Effective Mitsubishi Ductless AC’s Apt to Meet Any Home’s Heating and Cooling Needs

With winter round the corner, you may be looking for a suitable and well known heating and cooling system that can keep your New York home warm and save you money. An energy-efficient Mitsubishi ductless mini-split system allows you to add more efficient heating to your home while saving you money! Mitsubishi Mr. Slim systems are the best ductless mini-splits and they offer improved room temperature and air-quality with greater flexibility. With Mitsubishi’s Inverter Driven Compressor Technology, you can expect a decrease in utility costs immediately!
Let’s see how using ductless heating systems can save your money and extra expenditures.

How a Mitsubishi Ductless Mini-Split System Can Save Your Money:

  • No Repairs of Ductwork: Mitsubishi Ductless heating and cooling systems eliminate the extra cost and space needed for ductwork. This saves a significant amount of money when it comes to installations. Ducted Air Conditioning systems also suffer from duct-loss, an actual measure of the wasted heating as the air moves through the ductwork. Ductless systems do not suffer this inefficient problem. Mitsubishi Ductless Mini splits transfer the heat via refrigerant and the heat is ventilated directly to the room itself, not transferred.
  • Zone Control Throughout The House: A conventional or standard forced air heating system heats the entire home as soon as the system is turned on. All the rooms connected with ventilation system will get heated regardless of you want or not. Even with the vents closed, the air still travels to these areas of the house via the ductwork. But with ductless heating systems you can specify which rooms to heat and when to heat them. Heat the main living space during the day and then the bedrooms in the evening. Each unit operates independently and can even be programmed via the digital remote controls or your smartphone!
  • Single System for Both Heating and Cooling: A Mitsubishi Ductless air conditioning system will fulfill both your heating and cooling needs with one unit! Instead of expensive oil or gas bills in the winter and expensive electric bills in the summer, you can go ductless and have energy savings of up to 30% in some situations!
  • No Extra Space Required for Installing Them: It doesn’t matter where you live! Ductless systems can be easily installed anywhere, with less space needed than a traditional air conditioning system.
  • Smaller Mechanical Components and Precision Devices: Mitsubishi duct free ac systems have smaller, more efficient motors and technologically advanced mechanical devices which consume less energy than traditional systems.
  • Low Electricity Bills: Mitsubishi’s Inverter Driven Compressor Technology avoids cycling which is turning on and off at 100% power. Cycling results in the wasting of electricity. Traditional systems cycle on and off all day long. Ductless systems do not, therefore, they are highly energy efficient.

Comfort yourself with much less mess. Whether it’s a residential mini-split or a commercial ductless system, go duct free this winter and get Mitsubishi Ductless Heating and Cooling systems installed by Northeast Ductless. Before you buy, just ensure you are working with a professional who specializes in ductless heating and cooling systems! Northeast Ductless is an HVAC contracting firm in Long Island, New York who is a Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor whom offers high-end ductless heating and cooling systems to make your space more comfortable while saving you money. Visit to know more about them!

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