Quiet Space Ductless Installations

Quiet Space Ductless Installations

Having great heating and cooling is a service every manufacturer tries to achieve. Bot trying to achieve this goal while being whisper quiet is a possibility unique to ductless mini-split HVAC systems. Mitsubishi Electrics Cooling and Heating VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) and split-zone solutions are the pioneers in this feature. There are three components to the ductless system, the indoor unit, the outdoor unit and the controller. We simply  mount the indoor and outdoor units, and then connect refrigerant lines and make some minor electrical connections. And now, a whisper quiet system is at work!

Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning systems are ideal for quiet space ductless installations. They are the preferred choice for colleges, schools, churches, hospitals, doctors offices, libraries and other places that require maximum comfort with minimum disruption.

Low dB(A) Operation

With a focus on quiet performance, the indoor Mitsubishi Mr. Slim runs from 19dB(A) on low speed to 49 dB(A) at high speed. The CITY MULTI line has similar specs, runni9ng from 22 dB(A) at low speed to 47 dB(A) at high speed. 19dB(A) is the equivalent of a human whisper in terms of loudness. That is as close to silent as you can get!

The outdoor units on CITY MULTI operate as low as 58 dB(A), the equivalent of a common office environment or background music. The loudest of our line is only hitting 65 dB(A), which is amazing for a commercial sized unit!

Being this quiet means you can put these units in places you may not be able to put typical HVAC units. Both indoors and outdoors.

INVERTER Technology

With Mitsubishi Electrics INVERTER technology, the ductless systems compressors increase or decrease speed to meet demand. This is the opposite ideology behind traditional systems clicking on and off. Either 100% on, then 100% off. This gives you temperature fluctuations all day long and increases electric draw. INVERTER technology keeps the unit on, and reduces power consumption just enough to maintain appropriate temperature. All while being 30-40% more efficient than traditional HVAC systems.

Ductless System Options and Split-Ductless

All Mitsubishi Electric VRF systems operate at astonishingly quiet levels. This is achieved by utilizing the INVERTER technology. The Ductless solutions deliver refrigerant directly to the spaces that need cooling and heating, eliminating forced air sounds or water hammer sounds that are additional noise.

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