Office Building Ductless Installations

Office Building Ductless Installations

Whether your building be a high-rise or low-rise, large or small. Office and Professional Buildings can benefit from the technologically advanced Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating systems.  Office buildings typically need to satisfy the comfort levels of many people. This is tough to do in a situation where large open spaces are supplied the same cooling or heating from a traditional system. the further the duct-work runs from the condenser, the more duct loss occurs. This creates an area that is overly hot or cool, and the farther area becoming under heated or cooled. Why not install a system that delivers heating and cooling from within the room and directs it towards the right places. A system that is more effective, more efficient and significantly more quiet.

Mitsubishi systems can deliver a very powerful system, that is highly configurable to any space. The Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems, can handle any size space with extreme efficiency over traditional HVAC systems. Typically 25% more efficient. The INVERTER driven system and expansion-valve technology varies its power consumption to deliver the right amount of heating and cooling, constantly and consistently.


Office Building Heating and Cooling – Northeast Ductless

If you are considering construction and want to save money on installation as well as operation, its time to consider ductless technology. Ductless systems allow for either greater ceiling heights or potentially additional floors by eliminating the need for large duct-work. And renovations love ductless systems, as they install very quickly and without much disruption to the space.

Your tenants will also appreciate the fact that they will be paying for the heating and cooling their zones use, and not the entire suite or floor! You can define usage per indoor unit or system, easily and transparently. And the Mitsubishi CITY MULTI integrates easily with LonWorks or BACnet® for collective control of all building systems.