Light Industrial Ductless Installations

Light Industrial Ductless Installations

Different spaces perform different functions in any space. A great example of this may be in a light industrial space. Light industrial spaces may have a few different areas with different unctions. An office area, a manufacturing area and a warehouse or storage area. the office areas need to be conditioned for comfort, while the manufacturing area may be conditioned to keep machinery or personnel cool from heat generating machinery or processes. And a warehouse or storage area needs only to be protected from extreme temperatures per storage needs. In the past, separate systems were utilized to accommodate these different uses.


Light Industrial Ductless Installations – Northeast Ductless

A perfect solution for this typical light industrial application is the Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating (Variable Refrigerant Flow) VRF solutions. A very powerful condensing unit can handle these separate zones and even utilize the heat or cold from each area in another area. The compressor in these units can also vary its speed for optimal output necessary with minimal power consumption.This highly increases the units efficiency. They are 25% more efficient than most HVAC systems.

Easy to install, affordable and highly scalable. This allows the system to grow as your business or comfort needs do. System additions can be performed in a fraction of the time as standard ducted systems. The CITY MULTI line is also incredibly quiet so your not disrupted by a constant on and off cycle that typical systems employ. CITY MULTI systems can also integrate with other building controls via LonWorks or BACnet®.

It doesn’t get much more efficient and hassle free than this! Consider Mitsubishi Cooling and Heating for your comfort needs.