Historic Renovation Ductless Installations

Historic Renovation Ductless Installations

Historic buildings are sometimes very challenging when it comes to remodeling or updating. When originally built, they most likely do not have ample spaces overhead to add duct work systems. Also, their electrical systems may not be up to the challenge as well. And even more critical, is the desire to upgrade the systems without altering the historic quality of the building. In this situation, you can really benefit from a Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & HeatingĀ Variable Refrigerant Flow system. Disruption to the space, both physically and aesthetically, are minimized.


Historic Renovation Ductless Installations – Northeast Ductless

The indoor units can be utilized in a multitude of ways. From wall mounted, to floor mounted, and even low profile recessed ducted systems can come into play. Requiring only a 3″ small holes to penetrate into the structure allows for a quick and non-destructive installation. Most units can also be painted to better blend in with the environment.

The outside units were built to be lightweight and compact. this allows for installation in places that keep the unit out of sight. Utility spaces and rooftops are typical installation locations. The small refrigerant lines can be camouflaged via paint or routed via the Line-Hide system.

With whisper quiet operation indoors and a very quiet outdoor unit, your historic environment will not be overcome by noisy heating or cooling systems.

Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating systems perform at 25% higher efficiency than standard HVAC systems. this is due to the INVERTER and expansion-valve technology.

Preserve the beauty of your historic building, while providing ultra modern comfort. Choose Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating systems!