High Rise Multi Zone Ductless

High Rise Multi Zone Ductless

One of the more challenging situations for HVAC is the high-rise application. Your heating and cooling systems need to deliver huge capacities of comfort, and also deliver great flexibility. A manageable system that is highly efficient is the best solution. With such large overhead, systems that deliver higher standards of comfort for significantly less cost are becoming quite attractive. For these applications, we offer the Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating VRF zoning systems. They can be configured in many different ways as they are completely modular units.

Indoor units can be placed just about anywhere in a space. They are low-profile and in some cases even recessed.

High Rise Multi Zone Ductless

High-Rise Multi-Zone Ductless Installations – Northeast Ductless

  • For new construction, going ductless can yield more interior space, as you will not need to provide nearly as much overhead space for ductwork. You may even add some extra floors taking this into consideration.
  • Our ducted solutions are very low-profile, and can be mounted anywhere in a space,
  • The condensing units can repurpose and heat or cold from many different sources. they are also quieter than typical units and more efficient as well.

In terms of capacity, consider one R2-series unit can handle 20 tons of capacity while the Y-series units can handle up to 30 tons. Mitsubishi condensers are modular, so you can combine these systems to design the perfect heating and cooling system. Each condensing unit can connect up to 50 indoor units. You can implement a very efficient and sufficient system with these capabilities.

Line length is no longer an issue as well. Outdoor units in these series can efficiently deliver refrigerant to indoor units up to 3,280 feet away. Double your line length by having one set of units ground level and another set on the rooftop. Flexibility and functionality go hand in hand with Mitsubishi Cooling and Heating systems.

Reduce your utility overhead with a technologically advanced system! Mitsubishi’s INVERTER and expansion-valve technology deliver a 25% more efficient heating and cooling solution.

Fortunately, Mitsubishi is able to deliver great cooling and heating power, without a greater noise.  Indoor units can be as quiet as a human whisper, whether heating or cooling. The outdoor CITY MULTI systems peak at 65 db, about the sound level of a typical conversation.

Better metering allows you to tailor your billing per each tenant. You can also tally per indoor system or even indoor unit. Your tenants will appreciate paying for what they use, instead of approximations.

Mitsubishi Cooling and Heating simplifies the entire HVAC process. Design, installation, integration, management and maintenance. Things just got much easier! The CITY MULTI systems also seamlessly integrate with other controls via LonWorks or BACnet®.