Data Center Ductless Installations

Are you looking to improve or install a computer data center? The performance of these electronics is greatly affected by the temperature of their environment. As technology advances, you begin to use smaller servers which typically generate more heat than their predecessors. This is a perfect opportunity to utilize ductless spot cooling options from Mitsubishi Electric.

Computers and servers are critical pieces of infrastructure and are known to generate quite a bit of heat. It is important to utilize a cooling system that quickly and efficiently regulates room temperatures to your desired set point. Mitsubishi Cooling & Heating recommends the Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems for these types of applications. A standard HVAC system can’t handle this type of cooling as well as heat pumps can. While HVAC systems work to send in cool air, heat pumps do the opposite by removing the hot air. And Mitsubishi’s inverter systems can vary their output to suit the rooms exact needs. As opposed to standard systems that are typically one hundred percent on or off.

Data Center HVAC Ductless Installations

Data Center Ductless Cooling Installations – Northeast Ductless

Select models also have the new i-seeā„¢ Sensors. These models constantly scan the data center and look for areas in the room that don’t meet the desired set point. Once it sees inconsistencies in temperature, it can actually direct the heating or cooling to the areas that don’t meet the rooms required set point. This location focusing is done via the mechanized louvers.

You wont find an easier system to install in your data center. From design to installation, integration as well as management and maintenance; Mitsubishi has designed the ductless heat pumps to be the simplest option for any situation. All while remaining the most technically advanced choice!

Concerned about scalability? No need. With ductless systems you can add more units to your system at a fraction of the cost of typical HVAC installations. Most data center installs are complete within a few days and adding additional zones is a matter of a couple hours. If you think you may scale in the future, you can always buy a slightly over-sized unit and be confident that it will still be more efficient than typical solutions. The larger unit will slow its compressors down to the minimum electric draw necessary to maintain the temperature set point. And as you add zones, the larger unit won’t have any problems supporting the additional cooling or heating needs.

When it comes to efficiency, Mitsubishi Inverters and expansion valves yield a 25% higher efficiency than standard HVAC systems. 25% savings translates to more profit for your company or location.