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Northeast Ductless is a highly experienced Commercial Ductless Contractor. Mitsubishi Electrics Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) zoning and ductless-split systems are able to meet the needs of even the largest commercial applications. Whether you are constructing a new commercial space and are looking to have highly efficient heating and cooling, or you are renovating an older location. Our large ductless split systems will help you to keep your HVAC construction costs to a minimum, while keeping indoor comfort to a maximum.

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Mitsubishi CITY MULTI® high performance modular VRF zoning Systems

CITY MULTI outdoor units feature a lightweight modular design with a smaller footprint, lower sound level, easy piping, maintenance and much more.

  1. Inverter-driven compressor TECHNOLOGY – The compressor varies its speed to match the indoor cooling or heating demand to consume only the energy that is required. No other compressor design can match the efficient performance.
  1. Easy maintenance – In many cases, our systems allow an indoor unit to be serviced while other indoor units within the same piping system are still in operation. Indoor units only require periodic filter changes and cleaning. Optional blue fin treatment (-BS) provides longer coil life with enhanced protection in sea coast environments.
  1. Longer line length – The R2- and Y-Series outdoor units allow for increased line lengths to the connected indoor units. Maximum combined 1-way piping lengths can be up to a total combined length of refrigerant piping up to 2,624 feet for R2–Series and up to 3,280 feet for Y–Series.
  1. ADJUSTABLE static pressure – R2–, Y– and H2i™ Y–Series outdoor fan features adjustable static pressure up to 0.24″ WG, enabling the use of louvers or ductwork in its installation. The static pressure setting is adjustable by changing a dip switch. The default setting is 0″ W.G. with options 0.12″ and 0.24″ W.G.
  1. Quiet Operation – CITY MULTI outdoor units operate at sound levels as low as 58 dB(A) – the level of a common office environment, restaurant conversation or background music. Contributing features include our INVERTER driven compressor compartment sealed by metal panels lined with insulation, vibration absorbing compressor mounts, inverter-driven fan and Low Noise operating mode.

Mitsubishi CITY MULTI® Product advantages

  • Low Ambient Operation
  • CITY MULTI systems provide 100% cooling capacity down to -10° F with the optional low ambient kit.
  • Systems provide guaranteed heat down to -13° F (requires H2i Y-Series).

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